IT cloud skills gap [Infographic]


Microsoft Learning published an article on Born To Learn Blog a week ago about recent IDC report on current state of IT jobs in cloud computing. The results are surprising and promising at the same time, for those who are willing to take an extra step. It it revealing an opportunity, promising a light of optimism and direction for those who are still looking for a push, for a direction to go.
Today, Cloud is a common word, common suffix and prefix being heard and read everywhere, but what is interesting (and expected) to see that it’s presence is not fading away. Try Google Trends, using word CLOUD as a search term: (
While Google Trends shows the past (and forecasts few months) it is important to notice that IDC study is focused on the future, based on information gathered in a study.
Take a look at the infographic:

View full image Microsoft Learning

An estimated number of jobs requiring “Cloud ready” IT professionals by 2015. could jump to 7 million. You should be getting one of those jobs and, based on demand, land a pretty good salary, too.
Meanwhile, why not upgrade your current skills and learn some new ones?

Achieve one of the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certifications (MCSE). All of new MCSA and MCSE certifications rely and test on some Cloud enabled technology and/or a product, some more than the other. MCSE: Private Cloud certification, for example, prove your expertise in managing and implementing Microsoft private cloud computing technologies. Other Microsoft (and other vendor’s) certifications do as well.
Do not waste your time, jump the Cloud train, be Cloud guru and land your future Cloud job!

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Good luck!

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